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“It is my pleasure to serve on the board of an organization that is passionate about their mission of helping local residents gain positive momentum in bettering their lives. Their work to improve literacy and education focuses not only on education, but also on the barriers that can sometimes impede that process.”  – Scott Crawford

“I serve on the Board of Literacy and Beyond because there is a passion to give in this organization.  This passion is not coming from any one individual; it is coming from the idea that we are here to serve.  This permeates the organization, and there are no members in this organization doing it for “Self”.  They are doing it for the benefit of others and give all the glory to God.”  – John Breidenich

“As a board member, I am part of the supporting cast in the story of change being written at LaB. To be included in the narrative as the chapters unfold is such a gift! I am blessed to watch heroes being made and villains left behind in the lives of those who find value and friendship in our programs and shared moments together. May we never put this book down!”  – Kurt Hinkley

Literacy and Beyond – Board of Directors (2017)

Michael Hinkley, Literacy and Beyond

Debbie Post, Stebbins Family Fund (Goodells)

John Breidenich, Pompeii’s Pizzeria and Italian Eatery (Port Huron)

Scott Crawford, Council on Aging, Inc., Serving St. Clair County

Kurt Hinkley, Sigma Machine (Kalamazoo)



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